The problem (one of many) with not getting off one's keester to do something is that things tend to pile up. So here I sit with a bunch of tales to tell but they are out of context and lack the excitement and immediacy of right now.

Instead they have the SUPER MEGA AWESOMENESS of a few days ago. But the problem with that particular form of mega awesomeness is it allows the writer to see what's going on and think, 'Hey that's a pretty terrible story!'

And then the writer, me, thinks, 'Hey, I don't want to write something that's dull just for the sake of writing something.'

So I won't. Instead you get this narrative, but I'll keep the title. Then when/if I write the story it will have the same title or maybe with a number addendum and then you can smile, nod and think, well I'm certainly glad he took the time to write this as the wondrous tale it is.

Also, it gives you the chance to wonder what the hell ACDC has to do with anything.

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