oh yeah, and my own stuff

my bedroom floor just after 8 on a Wednesday evening (Sweat as Communication)

I have seen
a bear bark white honey
and lost
in a fit of giggles
sage advice granted.

I've been told
I flop. Too
submerged to know, me
carrying on without me.

I remember
dowelling fanning out the fabric of existence
rotating from my fulcrum
ceaselessly, holding
colours of toys,
retro and for a wall
in my head.
Yellow? brown? orange? Blue?
I roll and chase the real I want.
Just pushing it away
just panicking.

a friend, down, now up,
or at least at the stairs' other end,
watching from the fan.
And I know everyone will be
all right.

Sweat as communication
returns to my brain
first, and mouth

I am searching
for sight in everything
even as revelation drifts away
and fades out.
Lost, but for a poem,
so something.

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