Oh shiiit you done thought I'd retired this beast?

I don't really have anything to say. This is just an excuse to post some things friends are pop pop popping out with.

First Fringe.

Tony Ho has a Fringe show called Sad People. Do you have internet? Here is a website. Only two shows left! I have seen it and it is very good and I will likely see it again.

Camp Schecky is a show I have not seen, but it takes place on a bus and is therefore great! Similarly, a website. You're going to have to line up early for that one because all the advance tickets are sold!

Vic Harbour too! A very different mood than what's above, but well worth the hour.

Now a short film. Do you know Andy Landen? If you don't you should. The man BREAKS THE MOLD with the standard boohoo, my relationship is sad story with...well, this.

Watch it, love it. Thank me later.

Lose Yourself, Save Yourself - Short Film from Andy Landen on Vimeo.

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