and then he rested

Sore throat. No fun.

The plan therefore is to bed early and with the magic of sleep remedy all my ills.

I'm not sure exactly when this whole mess began, but I think it was when I started working a few weeks back. Remember those three days? Since then it has been a non-stop, never quite catching up with myself adventure. I regret nothing!

But depleting sleep reserves is a dangerous business. Especially in the land of germs that is Toronto what with all its various handles and doorknobs. I've been riding the TTC a bit recently as well, and I'm not surprised that I started feeling a tingle shortly after that.

So the plan: gargle with salt water, create and consume a fruit smoothie (the kind you read about in the bible), then shower (not connected to throat but a nice experience nonetheless) and then sleep.

Oh boy, I'm tingling like a pirate just thinking about it.

Last night was the multi-party hosted by the ever charming triumvirate of Slippers, TOMson and Mysterio (let's see if this nickname sticks), and I had a grand time. I spent a lot of the celebration on the roof, observing comings and goings, meditating on the skyline and pondering the urban life I am creating for myself. Silence and isolation in a mass of humanity remains a novel experience.

As planned, on the stroke of one we spilled into the park, and despite numerous cruisers doing the verb the noun suggests (ie cruising past) the police knew a good natured gathering when they saw one and there was nary a problem.

My only regret from such nights is the tiredness they beget. I'm not a big drinker these days, but having a few and staying up late has inevitable results in the morning and for some reason sleeping in isn't one of them. Being tired is.

Regardless of exhaustion I went to my first level 200 improv class today and had a grand old time. The new crew seems great and I can't wait to see my progress this time around considering all the good things that the 100 level did for me.

Hurray hurray for the life I lead. This week I have a TIFF screening to attend (The Informant!) and a by-election to be trained for and then work. And hopefully - fingers crossed, knock on wood, burn incense and sacrifice a newt - I'll be receiving a call from the good folks at Black Creek to boot.


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