A close approximation of urban-youth-life during the early years of the 21st century

There really isn't much to say. Don't get me wrong. I've been doing lots. Tonnes if you will.

There has been a great deal of high speed running. Flat out, legs churning, arms thumping single minded pursuit of speed, and a frisbee. We have been playing a lot of frisbee. There has been some bocce. Went to the airshow. Had the air show come to me.

The list could go on. But it won't. Look at some of these things!

Did you know Toon likes to tell tales?

And her audience LOOOOOVES to listen. I don't remember what she was gumming about but everyone sure looks impressed.

This is a tower I can see from the park. I think it is top notch architectural genius.

Do you disagree? If you do I am going to put you squarely in the lame column. Unless your arguments are persuasive enough to convince me otherwise. Doubtful.

The CN Tower is brilliant fun for all sorts of aesthetic reasons. Personal taste things that are nigh on impossible to change through argument, so I guess you shouldn't bother trying to convince me of anything. I have just decided I am going to start writing periodic commentary on Toronto architecture. Maybe even have The Golden Girl in for some guest words. She's an architect after all.

Woah! And there she is on a bike. Her and LAWYER (I'm working on his nickname, but for the time being I want you to read that in a deep and loud voice) were practicing track stands. It's where you stay in one spot for extended periods of time without touching your feet to the ground. Useful for red lights and stabilizing your core!

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