I had a costume. That's an important part of the evening. I was a mountaineer?

I found the sweater at a second-hand store on Bloor. It's for a cyclist, with fun pockets in the back for protein bars and drinks, so originally that's what I was going to be. But then I put on the hat, Fancy suggested a climber and I agreed. Also, the rope is such an easy prop and not one I have to carry all night.

A key consideration on Halloween.

Finally, nice gams.

Went to Comedy Bar, The Boat, then back to Comedy Bar and had a good time. Not a mind-blowingly awesome time, but a good time. The problem is being tired.

If you're tired you're less likely to pop out of the chair, bounce around the room and interact with people. It's one thing to interact with those you know, but it takes more energy to put yourself out there and start talking with new people.

So I guess the problem is being tired and not knowing enough people. Next time I'll be less tired, become the best of friends with EVERYONE then follow that up with an exhausted visit during which I'll reconfirm my newfound friendships by having low energy repartee and banter.

Can't wait.

We switched venues midway through the evening because Annie was due for a Sweatshop Hop shift at The Boat. We arrived, aerobicized and departed pretty quickly but there was still enough time for me to get my crush on. Just for an instant, just the one person and just as I was leaving.

Methinks my strategies around babes need some work.

And that's where not being so tired comes in. Right? Or, at least that's part of it. Sorting out my own muddled state and what exactly I'm looking for couldn't hurt things either.

Ah well. I'm sure I'll figure out what I'm up to soon enough. In the meantime there's lots to keep me busy. Tomorrow I'm off to Kingston for the day to meet with students and tell them how to write better papers.

Write better papers kids! I'll say. And they will giggle. Giggle and fail.

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