Nice sweater

Pardon me for imposing an experimental structure on this post and on my day. Writing in full sentences just wouldn't feel right.

Ended up by the island airport giggling
uncontrollably at the ferry route.

Toot toot and you're there.

My one regret,
not waving at Toronto-businessman-to-a-T,
if only to see how heavy the briefcase was.
Went up the CN Tower for free
-the benefits of working at a pioneer village are beginning to show-
and the lady that took my picture at the bottom said she liked my sweater.
It's a basement find
I told her so
She doesn't know which basement though.

Surveilled the city. It's a lovely city.
Looked every which way
and stood on the glass floor.
No one trying to break through from below
but it holds 14 hippos from above.

Spent a lot of time grinning at myself and others.

CN Tower information displays: casually ignoring recent construction since 2004.
Back on the ground a man outside union station.
I liked his eyes
or what they used to say - today they were confused.

I offered him a hot dog but his stomach was upset,
I asked him what he'd be doing later with the dollar I dropped,
a pop or something,
I suggested ginger ale to settle his tummy
and he liked my sweater too.

I didn't mention the basement,
don't think he'd care.
Should have patted his back when I wished him a good day.
Touch is nice.
Into the banking core,
my suit against their's and mine won!

I was able to stand outside, staring up for as long as I wanted.
Black steel is a good steel
to use
if you're building things skywards.

While they had to scuttle past,
forced inside by cotton and wind.
Trekking home, I was self-stuck on University's median
joined by other people,
light-trapped, 30 seconds at a time.
I considered dancing for my captive audience, but ended up smiling at them all
Funny poutine in my stomach and existential philosophy via text,
a Queen street frame of mind for the last stretch home.
First time I was loathe to walk Dundas
first time a sense of street struck me so powerfully.

Looking in all the clothing stores
but interested in pretties and music,
not clothes.
Hello pretties, I was adventuring today!

Then through the park, instead of directly,
leaping up the stairs,
the knee now feeling better.

And dogs,
And home,
And rest,
And supper,
And so forth.
And my room's cold and I'm putting on my sweater.

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