7 days - 7 poems - Day 2

Do I need to preface these? This poem rhymes!

Preface complete.
Flying by Train

It's just another train ride
From point A to point B
People sit. Look straight ahead
'Til a child's glee
Breaks the staid and silent glide
And reworks space as she

Finds the conversation
'Tween mom and dad too dull
What with a pole of shiny silver
To draw attention from the crawl

It holds her nose and bright brown eyes
In its smooth, curved face
But as the train bursts from the tunnel
She senses another place

Light pouring through the sudden window
says, Struggle from your chair!
To see the girding black steel and rivets
That hold us in the air

Deep into the valley
She stares with amused intent
Considering the gap
Don River and train have rent

The squealing silver worm we ride
A dual-environment creature
Not just below but high above
The Flying Subway Show's main feature

Upon travelling Viaduct
From one end to another
Re-entering a dark soil hole
Ends the mood of hover

And with the ink the window stops
A mirror now instead
But from the cherub, now seen as two
Nary a sense of dread

Ignoring for the moment
The world's changed disguise
She chooses instead to smile
Into her own all-knowing eyes

Tell me your thoughts (I like all kinds). Also, feel free to throw out requests or suggestions. This can be a subject (tomorrow's ideas include a game of streetcar tag and...a three line cop out) or a style of poetry. Challenge me, but also make sure you explain the style's structure or point me towards something that can. Keen!


  1. adorable, where did you get the idea to write from the point of view of a little girl?

  2. Well, funny story. I was on a subway the other day and there was this little girl in front of me. I could read her thoughts, and this is what she told me to write. She wasn't doing these things though, just chain smoking.