7 days - 7 poems - Day 3

So I figured why not get the haiku stuff out of the way today. I might have saved them for an emergency later in the week, but what's poetry about if not living on the edge?

Below I have some haiku and various forms of waka. Waka just means 'Japanese poetry'. I'll label the different forms and if anyone is interested the above links can give more details.

I wrote all these in the laundromat just now and by the end all my thoughts were being divided into syllable compartments. That has now stopped.

Also, although I vaguely recalled nature needs some role in a proper haiku I assumed the 5-7-5 pattern was pretty standard and mandatory. It is not. Just like so much else in poetry there has been a lot of changes in the past few decades. Syllables, structure, etc. Read about it to your heart's content here.

I didn't realize that though, so I've followed the 5-7-5 form and whatever other structures seemed standard. Also, I've said whatever the heck I want below. Nature be damned!

Although...I might take advantage of that loophole, research haiku more closely and come back later in the week with some gang-buster, nature stuff.


I wanted to use
'articulated lorry'
in a haiku. Done!
Tanka ('short poem')

I could have gotten
away with one of these poems
for today, but that
seems to go against, if not
the letter, then the spirit.
Chōka ('long poem')

The danger with these
forms of poetry is that
the syllable game
takes precedence and I miss
for creative bull-kaka.
(Note the lack of swears here mum.)
Sedōka ('whirling head poem')

In space, no one can
hear you scream. In Hawaii,
the word aloha means both
hello and goodbye.
The former from a poster.
The latter from Inessa.
Katauta ('poem fragment')

You think this is half
a sedōka? Speak to the
Japanese man with the sword.
Bussokusekika (something to do with the silhouette of the Buddha's feet)

I want to find the
best five syllable first line,
secret it away,
then reveal its existence
once I am Prime Minister.
That'll surprise everyone.
And more haiku...

Hey you! Sean Chambers.
This is me declaring a
haiku war. Go time!

If a t-shirt makes
friends with jeans in the dryer
it stays wet longer.

(p.s. - I'm going to post two more poems in a bonus post, but I'm saying this here in case people only visit this page and don't go to the main blog)


  1. A. That's a lot of poems to come up with while doing laundry, so bravo. B. I challenge you to write a haiku about art nouveau (art nouveau is inspired by nature, so this can be one of your nature poems, just sayin'). C. Thanks to you I now know the laundr'o'mat is a place of deep contemplation.

  2. hah i lol-ed several times. great work and i really enjoyed the way the poems work as a set. whimsical and fun. perfect.