bonus poems!!!!!!!!

Here is another sedōka. Can you tell the word 'articulate' was obsessing me today? Also, I don't actually know anyone named Lori these days. And if some Lori I've forgotten or don't know is reading this, we need to hang out more.

Drop me a line!

I used to think that
it would be a real pleasure
to articulate Lori.
One day, though, the sun
whispered a reminder. She's
not articulatable.
And this is a poem/transcription of how I heard the dialogue between two ladies outside the beer store. One was getting into her car and the other likely did not have a car. Also, dialogue spelled like 'dialog' looks gross.

Guess which speaker owns the car

See no evil.
Hear no evil.
Speak no evil.
I'm just kidding, Happy New Year!

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