A brief trip

My bus left the coach terminal this morning at 9:30. It arrived in Kingston at 12:30, where I caught a 12:45 bus downtown. I walked to the Queen's campus where I had a brief meeting before saying hello to a few people. I then bought a wrap from the Swedish chip truck (out of beet salad...grrr) and walked up Division Street to catch another Kingston Transit bus that returned me to the bus station. There I caught the 3:15 bus (actually 3:08 for the math kids) back to Toronto that deposited me at the Bay and Dundas terminal at 6:30 or so.

What a day. I ate light, but I think even that was too much for the effort expended.

I was in Kingston to meet a prof. She provided a reference for my BCPV job and subsequently offered me some marking work. This was the first get together and paper pick-up. I'm still not sure how the job is going to work because the prof had to bolt to pick up her son, but I'm hoping she will be able to organize some more funding so I can make the trip to Kingston a few times over the term to meet with students if needed and still actually be making money. $100 per return bus ticket is a bit much, no matter how much of The Count of Monte Cristo I get to read. I'm going to be investigating both cheaper ticketing and craigslist options for future journeys.

Or, screw the students and I'll do everything by surface and email. Nothing says extrapolating on nuanced points of academic argument like email!


On an unadulterated positive note (ie what you are looking for when you read this blog) I got to ride with this guy!

On his bus.
It's a fun colour scheme! What do you want from me?

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