olympic clothing and provincial logos

HBC launched the Canadian uniform (outfit?) today for the upcoming Olympics. My thought, good.
I'm not going to say too much, just that I appreciate the aesthetic. If you're going to go for stereotypes you might as well go all the way.

Also, I appreciate the '80s styling, particularly on the toque. Childhood nostalgia? Probably, but who cares.
The other thing that caught my eye is the font, or more specifically the 'A'. It looks good. It reminded me of Alberta's recent decision that a unique stylized 'A' needed to be dumped in favour of an ugly, generic piece of script.

Whoever decided the Alberta logo needed to go just as it was reaching its pinnacle of retro chic needs to have their head examined. Similar to whoever thought dull, generic style would be a good idea to promote the province. Hey world! We're like everywhere else, only orange.

We were discussing this on Streem a few months ago and there seems to be a pattern. Look at Ontario's new trillium.
Meh anyone? I get it, if we work as a team we can be a better province. Very good. As Imran said, "It does lend credence to my theory that all modern day graphic design is done by 14-year-old Photoshop-proficient nephews of agency directors."

Just look here and try to tell me the older ones are not better. I think the green is the best, both in design and colour.
Alas. Governments in the '60s were bold and brave. Expo '67 and whatnot all said Canada was the future, we were going to change the world. It was reflected in legislation and the coolness of graphics too apparently.

And now? Governments are concerned less with governing and improving our lot with bold gestures, and more with surviving the next election. The result is boring genericism that aims not to offend anyone rather than take a risk and possibly inspire.

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