Is it all over so soon? The answer, obviously not. There is still oodles of transported turkey in my fridge and it looks like one more full on turkey supper (with all the trimmings) before I start converting.

Turkey à la king, turkey fried rice, turkey sandwiches and so on.

--Just discovered I forgot the rest of the homemade cranberry deliciousness in Owen Sound. Grunt.--

Last week the plan was to go home, relax, hang with my mum, and get some writing done. Real writing. As in finish a chapter or something. Some stuff just isn't meant to be though. Instead I got to work my face off!

It was actually loads of fun; cleaning eaves troughs, reversing gates, raking leaves, collecting branches and scrub, cleaning up the garden, removing fencing, reorganizing the shed, etc. I can't remember what else but I'm sure there was more.
Part of the gardening was me picking carrots. I love carrots. I use them in a lot of my cooking, and sometimes as carrot sticks. The problem is most carrots you buy at a store these days are bitter, gross and grown by the bajillion. Not these carrots from the garden though, they are sweeter and have dirt on them. I like to eat at least one carrot a year that is pretty clean but not all the way clean. Nothing like a satisfying grit filled chew to re-establish your connection with the earth. And it helps my gizzard to function properly.

Aside from the work around the house I also had the chance to hang out with some friends. Deck was there (he drove me home after all) and I saw Chippy and Dank. Oh my what fun. Even Andy managed to squeeze in some Owen Sound time between his 5th wedding of the year (in Ottawa no less) and returning to LA. And why not? OS is a lovely place in the fall.

To take advantage, one day we went walking to Indian Falls.

Something that I was obviously more excited about than certain other members of the party.
I think they had fun too. I'm probably just really happy because of my new sweater. Awesome basement find!

Later in the day Andy chased wild turkeys through a field until they took to the air. Seemed like a good plan. As Deck said, this weekend is all about harassing turkeys...and then killing them. Or he said something like that, it was probably much more eloquent.

There are way more turkeys about these days, so I'm assuming the Wild Turkey Management Plan for Ontario is working (seriously check out the first page of that pdf).

Aside from that, it was hang outs with my mum (she requested her picture not be posted, but I assure you she is a lovely lady) and this guy. He is neither lovely nor a lady. His name is Hannibal and he has his own charms.
Sometimes I give him a hard time. Here for instance, Hannibal knows he isn't allowed to eat what's on the plate, but he figured he'd try a few tricks to see if something happens.
He's a good guy so we usually let him help with the dishes.

We recently had to put down his brother Hermes, so Hannobal's adjusting to a slightly different life. He'll muddle through though, just like the rest of us.
I hope everyone got lots of good thanking done, and if not swing by my place and I'll give you a high-five and/or a hug so as you don't feel left out.

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