Cool maps or how I lose an afternoon to the internet

How could anyone not lose an afternoon when this is the image that introduces you to the site? What better way to signify concern in Iceland about joining the EU?
The name of the blog is Strange Maps and that's all it is. Pretty neat stuff.

Also an encouraging site because it's given me a whole whack of ideas for what I can do with some of my maps. The problem I'm having right now is I want to do something, but a lot of the somethings I am considering involve a pair of scissors. The maps are so lovely in and of themselves I'm a little hesitant to go to chop town. I guess that's why they say "You can't make art without cutting a few maps!"
(click through the image for a bigger version!)
This one is neat too. I love hyper-simplified maps. That's probably why I'm a big fan of urban mass transit maps and rail system maps in general. When working with maps that need to carry a lot of information clearly you have to kill the geography sometimes. And that leaves room for lots of 3 dimensional brain translation.

Better than chocolate!

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