Epilepsy (?)

I left the house in an undeniable grump. Not sure what was up, but the seasonal change always does something to me and my first 5 day work week since 2006 had left me tired. Harumph.

I was on my way to an art store on Queen when I looked up to see a man lying in the road in the midst of a seizure. A lady had just run up to him from nearby and was squealing about something. Surprising myself I took complete control of the scene, calling 911 and dealing with the dispatcher, rolling the fellow on his side and holding him there, while the first lady remained slightly animated and a few others came and went with comments about tongues, choking and their personal experience with seizures in the family.

Giving my location, condition of the patient, following instructions and on and on.
Shit = together.

Fortunately a police officer who was just around the corner arrived quickly and the ambulance was there shortly after. By the time it did the guy was coming to, completely disoriented but trying to get up. His wheezing had become laboured at times and his lips turned a bit blue. Happily the scene never became mega-intense.

I remember looking up at one point and seeing people peering out the window at me from a cafe nearby. I'm not saying they should have all run out to help, but it makes one wonder. Stories of disinterested urbanites walking past their fellow citizens in need tend to be replayed and highlighted in the media so I'm glad I sprung into action when the opportunity presented. And if I hadn't been there I'm sure one of those other people would have been.

And good thing I had a cellphone to call 911! First time ever.

My past experience with random men falling down on the street let me know trying to stand him up only to watch him fall on his face would be a bad idea.

Demonstrated learning.

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