And as if by magic...

Employment? Wah? Exciting!

Just as I was being questioned about such things an answer arises proving once again the universe has my back.

It's just for the weekend, maybe just tomorrow even, but dollars are a pleasant thought.

I'm going to be working in the underground parking garage of some Condos going up at Spadina and Lakeshore, so in doubly good news even if it is raining tomorrow I'm not involved! And I'm pretty excited because at some point, in a few years I will inevitably be chatting with someone and they're going to say, "Oh, I live in the tower at the bottom of Spadina."

"Down there?" I'll say. "I painted the parking lines in that garage." We will then stare into each other's eyes, slowly comprehending the depth and majesty that surrounds us. Our mouths will hang agape in astonished wonder until one of us starts crying. Then we will bind in a warm embrace, whispering "parking garage" between sobs until we part ways, promising to keep in touch but knowing the emotions are too strong to bear and we can never see one another again.

So, yeah. Up at 7 I guess. Which is cool because that's when I awoke this morning. Body knows where it's at.

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