Let's see how this game called late night, exhausted blog posts goes.

Just returned from Inglorious Basterds and I must say I approve. I have no problem with the casting that some others have mentioned, and it flowed much better than I had expected. Not the rip roaring violent ride I might have expected going in, but given my sense of time while in the place they must have been doing something right.

Great dialogue as expected (if you like Tarantino dialogue of course, which in general I do) and some wonderful little bait and switch tricks that were available because the film was done in English, French and German. I really appreciated that the farmers at the start of the film were mumbling away in patois. Solid.

In the end many were dead, and there was some icky uncomfortable bits that were indeed graphic, but overall it felt more toned down than some other stuff. I'll admit it has been a while since I have watched a Tarantino film, but I trust my vague recollections.

And I should mention as well, yesterday on the island was a fun day. Whiling away an afternoon with Mr. Mission and Cage turns out to be a mighty fine time. What with waving at the tourist tram, periodic sprinting and general chat abouts the time just flew. And then I topped it all off with a jump off the pier that was only mildly tut tutted by those they call lifeguards.

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