CNE me!

Last night was a trip to the fair!

Well, I'm sure the organizers of the CNE would consider it something more than that, perhaps THE fair. Calling it the Canadian National Exhibition puts at least a touch of grandiosity on the event. My expectation was the Owen Sound fall fair writ large and I was not disappointed.

The rides were bigger and there were more of them than back home, although The Zipper was there, as was the Gravitron 2000, renamed Spaceship 4000 just so they could get ahead of a few millennia. We rode some sort of spinning device, whose name eludes me, that spun us around and around, forwards and back, and best of all Cheese partook and did not barf. Later, after dark, we rocked the ferris wheel.

Food was not only plentiful but varied beyond belief. Could have had a 99 cent cup of spaghetti, but didn't. Eaten by the crew were; fries, perogies, corn dogs, waffle-ice cream sandwiches, hot dogs, dried sausages, bacon sandwiches and British chocolate...I think that's all. And all that barely scratched the surface. We didn't even try the chocolate covered bacon, but I guess you always have to save something for next year!

And of course there were way more games as well. There was some mightily intense mole whacking going on, along with rings that bounced off bottles and our one win of the night in the birth month/age/weight contest. Moggster took that one down and earned Barack Obama for her troubles. So many more games could have been played of course, but there was only so much money to be wasted and over sized animals to not be won.

Our last stop before departing was a beer garden, featuring ridiculously priced beverages for some and a 4 piece band playing whatever they were feeling. Jake on keys rocked and had our appreciation screamed at him periodically. I suppose that counts as us seeing a show at The Ex; apparently there are lots, just not when you go for the discounted evening rate.

So that's the CNE. Bigger and more varied than the fall fairs of my kiddydom and lacking the agricultural aspect, which I suppose is what the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in November is all about.

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