Dakota. Dancing. Face. Off.

Well, what more beyond the title needs to be said? The Beauties were on stage at the Dakota, the tunes were good and once I'd elbowed out a bit of space, there was even room enough on the dance floor.

And Sam Neill was there, as in Jurrasic Park Sam Neill.

I was bopping constantly, and had put in 2 solid, if brief, intense sessions already, just 30 second jobbies during the latter parts of songs. Just enough to get a sweat up, warm up my legs and get people wanting more.


I was beginning to tire and was thinking one last song. I have no idea what it was and at first I didn't think it would be ideal for my particular brand of rock out. I was wrong. Danced so very hard. I don't think I have ever been more aggressive. I really felt like I was dancing to get rid of something. Something more than excess energy. Spooky.

Felt good though, being an angry thrashing body in the midst of all those people. Perhaps I was a spectacle but I was more about revelling in my own movement than anything else. Pleasant.

Dave tells me I was scaring an attractive blond who was trying to dance with me, but thought better of it when my uber aggression kicked in toward the end of the song. Oh well. Maybe next time I'll pay attention to such things.

In the meantime, bed.

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