Black Creek perhaps?


Yeah, that old story. I haven't been looking super hard yet but I have been making calls and doing research to see where I want to work and who might have me. So far nothing.

And until today there hasn't been anything listed in my most desired area of interest, namely historical interpretation. Until today.

Yesterday I was chatting with a super helpful fellow at Fort York who told me they didn't have any jobs on offer, but they do come up from time to time. That got me excited. He also suggested a few alternatives and today while tidying I found the note I was writing while he talked...Black Creek Pioneer Village eh? Why not.

BCPV is run by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, and on their site, number two on the list of job openings HISTORICAL INTERPRETER. HOLY SMOKES!

But then...

Please apply by last Sunday. Eeeeeeek. Not fair. But I quickly put together a letter and resume and sent them off. I'm pretty much perfect in every way for this job.

Every way.

So fingers crossed they won't mind 2 days late when it comes to receiving a resume from the perfect candidate.

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