I've been living here for just over a month and aside from the recent heat everything has been great.

But the heat has also made me notice a few things.

The unfortunate carpet I have in my room for instance. Everywhere else in the house the floors are hardwood, but my room is covered in a brownish-beige monstrosity with loads of stains and a mild smell about it when the humidity gets up there. Unfortunate. But when I mentioned it to The Pope she was open to put it on her list of things that might happen to the house in the future.

The idea I didn't mention but would giggle with glee over if it ever happened involves putting a hole in the wall. What better way to counteract heat?

I'm in the attic and therefore live under a slope, but on the other side of the slope is a flat roof (over the second floor kitchen and bathroom). My thinking is bash a hole and build a deck on the flat bit. How perfect is that? So perfect it hurts I'm willing to wager.

I would be hyper willing to give up some privacy to have that, sleep outside when it's really hot just like I did in Syria, basically double the outdoor lounging space and have more room to grow things. Oh what a fantastic fantasy I'm envisioning. Too bad I don't own the house.

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