Bro Niece

The biggest brother and my niece were nice enough to come pick me up after my improv class for supper. Bad Dog is on the Danforth so Greek was the obvious choice and after thinking for about 10 seconds...souvlaki time! Meat, rice and potatoes with a salad on the side and tzaziki sauce of course. So simple and so yums! Filled me up so I didn't even want ice cream afterwards.

It was great to see Jacqueline and Duncan and now that I'm in the city I'll be able to see a lot more of them. I was even invited out for a sleepover that night, but I had to turn it down. I was already booked in to see a rock AND roll show at the Tranzac. Dwight Schenk rocking the show and me dancing (albeit from my chair).

After dinner as we perambulated along the Danforth, enjoying the evening and the hostesses outside certain restaurants I decided that it was time to be awesome. I was feeling good so though I'd flash a few smiles. Unfortunately I was sucking on an after dinner mint and when I went to flash that trademark smile I had the mint between my front lip and lower gum. Also I think I was mid suck, so my charming grin was anything but.

Oh well! Even if she'd smiled back she might have just being trying to sell me food.

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