brief summation of the weekend

This weekend thanks to a Manitoban-architect-babe (who I was going to call Barn but someone else already has so she has no nickname yet - Drive Shed? heh) I have discovered the joys of casual coffee on a bench at Ella's. {ed. I've since settled on The Golden Girl}

And by coffee I mean London fog or some other tea goodness. No coffee for this kitten. On Saturday I had a splendid sit and chat, then today I had a splendid solo sit and read. Even spoke with a nice lady about her dog. Keen gear!

I also finished my 100 level improv course this weekend. Starting 200 with Bad Dog shortly and I'm looking forward to it. I think I have a general grasp of what's going on and the whole letting it all hang loose and going for it is great. Undoubtedly closely related to my dancing style.

Serious this time. Bed. Now!

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