Monday weekend

Since I worked Saturday and Sunday, and am back at it tomorrow, today was an important one to get things done. Or at least enjoy at my leisure.

And I did.

I helped Cage move out of her apartment, she's off to Wolfville tomorrow for adventures untold in a Master's of English. I'm sorry we only started hanging out in the past month and a half, but she's already a mega friend, so I look forward to her triumphal return at some future point. Also, I should note that I saved her father...he was working to detach a rather heavy electronic piano from it's base by lying on his back beneath it and undoing screws. He succeeded! And luckily my reactions were fast enough to catch the thing, one armed I might add, before it crushed him. Hurray for me and my herculean strength!

The afternoon was spent in the park. I read and took notes (The Hero With A Thousand Faces by Campbell is great and I'm glad to finally be reading it), ate a bit too much candy, then feeling unwell ended up cocooned in my blanket, inadvertently napping. I think work exhaustion might have had as much to do with passing out as excess candy consumption of course.

Perfect nap regardless. And summer's coming to a close, after visiting us only briefly, so I'm glad every chance I get to be outdoors revelling in the splendour.

I'm at work for 8 tomorrow, and it's going to be a 40 minute bike ride, so to bed on time tonight. Even with my nap!

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