Oh me oh my this big city life is keeping me up late.

Maybe it's the excitement and possibility that permeates urban living getting inside my brain and rattling about so forcefully that I am unable to turn off my brain until the excitement dies down or exhaustion simply becomes greater and overcomes?

Tonight it might be in part that my room is bleeding hot. (more on this in the next post)

Certain intoxicants enter my system from time to time and they might have some sway in the way things go towards bed time.

But most of all, I've fallen into a bad pattern. I'm waking up towards 11 every day and that just won't cut it. So tonight I have the alarm set for 9. I'll get up. I'll actually do it and I'll get on with my day. And what might that day (this day) entail? Let's find out:

-Air Canada Centre job posts that expire tomorrow (check 'em and submit as needed)

-investigate a (discounted) membership at the YMCA (so far I've been running and push-upping and hanging about off tree branches but I'm investigating all my options)

-see about a TPL book bag. I've been told the old ones have been discontinued and I want to get one before they disappear forever.

And that's it. Hopefully get some reading and writing done as well...without falling asleep.

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