another night another pool party

Finally! Thursday night, sleep, perfect.

All I needed was another round of the good stuff on Friday night so I'd be ready for the big date on Saturday, but inevitably Andy rolled in from Chicago and the blackout party was on, so out we went.

But I was good.

Sooooo good.

Only some wine and some beer, and I was going to go home, but didn't. Then the bar closed, so of course we went SWIMMING!

The Alexandra Park pool was closed but that didn't stop us and about 30 other people from getting wet. It turns out splashing around in a pool with a bunch of young people in their underwear is a good thing. Wish I hadn't been wearing my white underpants, but it's nothing that thousands haven't already seen so no big deal.

And there were other lovelies there who chose white as the fabric colour of choice. Good people.

End result was stumbling home finally around 4am and lying in bed with that wicked pure exhaustion pure jittery sensation. Hurray for life.

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