wedding bells are ringing on a Friday!

Tremendous! I've never been to a Friday do, but given my current schedule Friday suits me as well as any other day to get gussied up and celebrate love.

Congratulations are due of course to Paul and Teresa. May they be battered by happiness from here until the end of time.

My one comment - I would have had a bit more colour in the decor. Although the black and white everything made my shirt even more awesome. Well done Paul and Teresa.

It's at this moment I am a bit harrumphed not to have any pictures of myself. I received some kind words on my general appearance and grooming. Not a common occurence and so something that needs to be signalled.

This picture will have to do and I'll leave you to puff it out and make it look dashing in your respective minds (feel free to look back at the haircut post)...

Oh that is such a lame thing to do. But I think I'll leave the photo up purely for the ridiculousness. It's the only suit I have with me right now, so chances are there might be another chance for snaps. If you want to see me dressed to the 9s be quick and invite me to your next shindig!

The meal was also good, if amusing. No chicken or beef choice here, just one big steak and one big piece of chicken. I of course foolishly consumed all felt rather full and as a result, well if anyone reading this has seen me besuited and at a wedding, guess what happens next. Hint: it involves my face and a lot of sweat.

So much dancing!!! So good. A bit sore later but well worth it.

And if you were wondering just how good I looked in the suit and how exceptional my dancing was, she is a lawyer at BMO.

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