No Frills


I do my shopping in Kensington and in grocery stores. Up until now it's been one of those richy places, no free advertising on here but I'll say it's at College and Shaw. And although I run past it whenever I go jogging, for some reason up until now I have never gone into the No Frills at Dundas and Landsdowne.

Well tonight I got on my bike and pedalled myself up there and WHAMO! So good. Everything is so much cheaper, over a dollar on the same brands of frozen pizza for instance. More than I would actually expect in a lot of instances. Maybe I've been away from the discount brands for too long or just not paid real attention before. Whatever the case, amazing. And I don't mind mentioning No Frills because it's No Frills. If you're shopping there it's because it's No Frills and that's awesome.

It's interstingly like my life in Kingston. VERY INTERESTING.

I lived in an apartment directly across from - as in a road and a parking lot across from - a 24 hour A&P but I would do very little shopping there. Instead, once a week I would write a long list, throw on my back pack and walk down to the Food Basics and do most of my buying there. And now that I know No Frills is there, same deal.

Too great for words. Except for all the ones above.

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