Chinese and the Moon

The other day I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit with two old school chums. We all worked at a humour paper together back at the alma mater, or they worked and I dropped by to chat and steal food. Really an all around winning situation.

B suggested a Chinese restaurant which was excellent and the conversation was both lively and stimulating, ranging from politics to the philosophy of mathematics to a documentary being filmed with post-Tito Slovenian photocopiers (???) to general hilarity. Really we covered all the bases.

The best aspect of our time at the restaurant, however, had to be the discussion surrounding the bill. There was a line on it we couldn't figure out, or a few lines. We knew one was tax, thought one was for a coke but then there was another mystery line which I would have guessed was Coke related...confusion during ordering, etc. Anywho, B asked the lady what a line was and she said tax, B then asked what another line was and she said tax, without really paying attention to the fact he was pointing at a new line. "No, this one." "Tax!"

She thought she wasn't being understood so wrote, on the table cloth and in pen, TAX in 8 inch tall letters before circling it! Then in much smaller font beside it '13%', just to let us know. On the table cloth! and the way she did it, it didn't look like a first time thing. But we sorted it all out, wandered out on the street and someone suggested a movie. Since we're all entertainment movers and shakers it was a no brainer.

Went to see Funny People although AJ had seen it he said he wouldn't mind another run, but then somehow Moon came up and Brendan was really excited about seeing it again so it was along Dundas to Moon instead, buying tickets an hour early so back along Dundas to Spadina for frozen treats (raspberry milk shake), then back for the film. The teatre on Dundas Square is great. In the upper florrs of the building, after miles of escalators. As Brendan said, this is what living in the 21st century is meant to be like.

And Moon, I enjoyed it. Not amazing but nice. Easy to ignore then discuss later certain amusing leaps of logic. An interesting change in the pacing of movies as there was no big reveal, summation and explanation towards the end. The 'surprise!' came earlier and the thrilling conclusion was a bit more low key. I will say this, when the thing-that-I-won't-mention happens, I thought the actor just HAD to be Sam Rockwell. No one else is going to be able to pull off that thing.

Whatever it was.

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